Colocation space services

Space, electricity and service at easy-to-understand prices. We offer a secure package of facilities and services. Our pricing is transparent, which means you always know what you will pay for the provided space, electricity and services.

Our operations are very energy-efficient: the natural coolness of the rock significantly reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling, and our heat recovery is efficient. We use local wind power. Customers only pay for the electricity they use and electricity consumption can be monitored in real time.

Generators and a separate UPS system ensure the reliability of the power supply. All of our Colocation spaces meet data center standards. Only identified personnel have access to the premises, which are equipped with CCTV.

The premises have separate air quality control, fire alarm and gaseous fire suppression systems. Data center technician and professional services from Ficolo can be included in all colocation space service packages.

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Our Colocation space services comprise:

  • cabinet space for server platforms
  • equipment racks
  • dedicated data centers and secure rooms