Telecommunications play a significant role in the outsourcing of data center services. We want to ensure our customers are offered the right products at the right prices.

There are direct connections from Ficolo’s data center to the TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA networks. Products from other major fiber-optic and network operators are also available. In terms of customer-specific wavelength products (xWDM), Ethernet and IP VPN, besides domestic links we can offer connections through Ficolo’s virtual backbone network from international points of access that have constant connections to most carriers.

Ficolo is a RIPE LIR member and buys IP transit services from Finnish key carriers. In terms of domestic customers, internet connections are routed directly to the end customer through the operator’s network. Traffic to other operators’ networks either in Finland or other countries runs through international and domestic internet gateways.

Ficolo’s decentralized IP transit and remote peering solutions offer most domestic customers higher quality than traffic routed through a local internet gateway. For our international customers, traffic is routed optimally through international internet gateways.

Ficolo Tietoliikenne


• IP/MPLS (L3)
• Ethernet services (L2)
• Wavelength (L2) fiber channel