New connectivity solutions drive data north

The Nordics is an excellent location for data centers. Thanks to the cool climate and affordable energy the region has become a focal point for data storage. However, the pace of change in the industry is intense. New requirements are arising for more versatile services to support digital businesses and more agility to boost innovation. These requirements include high-speed connectivity and security, for instance robust encryption.

Additionally, it is vital that security solutions are available in all types of networks with performance assured end to end.

Ficolo is partnering with ADVA Optival Networking, NEOS IT Services and Creanord in conducting a series of industry-first Proof of Concepts (PoCs) that demonstrate the security and performance efficiency of ADVA’s solutions across every kind of connectivity services. The trials show how the methods deliver lower latency, improved security and real time QoS monitoring, compared to today’s traditional OPSec security.

The tests involve encrypted optical, Ethernet and cloud connectivity solutions, that were built on ADVA’s ConnectGuard toolkit. The tests show how the new technology is the factor that will attract more customers to Nordic data centers – whether they are connecting to the cloud, the data center or any other IT resource.


Read the full blog text from Dieter Will, ADVA Optival Networking VP pf business development EMEA: “Security and services drive data north”

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