Thinking about scaling up your business and changing to our colocation services, but wondering about the costs? Try our new website tool “Calculate my Deal”.

As Ficolo’s website renewed in the spring of 2017, we added a neat, little tool to our website to ease our potential customers’ contacting of our sales team and to find more information of our products. This tool can be found at Ficolo start page and only one click is needed! “Calculate my Deal” -tool assists you with automatic pricing of our basic services and request for quotation.

You can get a quick calculation for your deal just by choosing the setup and internet access speed. If you want more specific calculation, you need to elaborate the need for firewall, switch and DDoS protection. After you have filled your contact information, you will get more accurate quotation in your inbox with power price, starting fees and other service prices specified.

Calculate your own deal, any time, anywhere. Don’t hesitate to recommend the “Calculate my deal” -tool to you associates considering complementing their business with our services.

Ficolo Calculate my Deal