CS Control Software, an automation company from Espoo, Finland, has been one of our customers since Ficolo was established. Jarkko Laaksonen from CS Control Software tells how the data stored with the help of Ficolo is fine-tuned for the company’s applications.

With the help of intelligent sensors, the fast 5G networks will multiply the data collected in servers and data centres. Before the vast amounts of data can be utilised for guiding and monitoring technical functions, it must be evaluated and classified. This is achieved by making use of algorithms that simply function as parsers and data analysers to extract meaningful information from the collected data. Intelligent learning algorithms (AI) are then used for process optimization: a good example is CS Control Software’s developed, intelligent algorithm for streetlight control that utilises traffic congestion, average speed, weather effects and daylight measurements.

”In the future AR applications are used to execute user interfaces that can, for example, visualise parameters of a building or a machine directly to mobile phone screen or to special glasses on top of the actual image of the building” predicts CS Control Software’s CEO Jarkko Laaksonen. To implement these applications a trustworthy partner is needed to store and collect the data. Here is where Ficolo steps in; “Ficolo is a centre of excellence, where innovation and technical competence are merged, so it is a natural partner for CS Control Software”, tells Laaksonen.

CS Control Software invests heavily on research and product development. The company develops their own product range but also works as a part of their clients development teams. According to Laaksonen, the mindset of CS Control Software is to be a prominent and renowned operator in the field both domestically and globally.

CS Control Software is an automation company that provides automation systems for power plants, maritime industry, infrastructure and uranium mines. The company has offices in three locations: Espoo, Cairo and Singapore. CEO of the company, Jarkko Laaksonen, is one of the founders of Ficolo and a member of the Ficolo board of directors.