We conducted a survey on Ficolo’s services during October. The results were inspiring as according to them our customers are very satisfied with our services. Here are the results summarized:

Flexibility and personal service

We also wanted to know which are the issues that customers felt we have succeeded in. Flexibility and personal customer services were perceived as best in Ficolo’s services. Take a closer look at those terms  here.

Survey results route to improvement

The survey gave different answers on how to improve the services. The answers dispersed from concrete suggestions to general comments. One suggestion was to have a centralized service status page. We are happy to announce that such a page has been under preparation already (see picture below, a draft of the page).  The page will help our customers to be informed of the status of the services. The page is under finalization and soon to be released.

In the future more attention will be paid to having clarified documentation and informing of different products. The customer portal is under constant revision and update.