Although data center might be located miles from office facilities but in reality it is just a few clicks away. A few clicks in customer portal and one can have assurance of optimal conditions in the data center, and that equipment is up and running as they should.

Ficolo customer portal is a channel for customer service but also informative channel of own equipment. Sakari Anttonen, who started working at Ficolo in the beginning of year 2015, tells that customers can see real-time reporting of data center conditions and customer specific power consumption from the portal. In addition to this, the portal offers a view of customer’s rack with its equipment. Add-on service is maintenance view, providing information on customer’s own equipment.

Sakari is responsible for maintenance and development of monitoring systems, one of them being the customer portal. One of his first jobs was to re-develop the power consumption monitoring. At the same time he familiarized himself to the portal. Sakari explains that the development of the portal is a continuous process. He continues that feedback is also very much welcomed in this matter.

Channel for support requests

Colocation model enables a set of hands always available for any work request in the data center. On the other hand, customer can manage and handle own equipment in the datacenter as well, if so preferred. All kind of support requests can be easily done via the customer portal. All customer support requests are documented in the portal, one can see there the history of requests and their status of either handled or open.
Customers with the agreement of Ficolo maintenance and monitoring services can see the monitored equipment, data storage usage etc. If wished, customers can receive alarm notifications by email or sms messages.

In practice, the data center is only a few clicks away and pair of hands available when needed:

Ficolo customer portal
Urgent support request is best to inform by phone as well, number +358 2 624 8501. Support requests by email to:
Questions and comments, and feedback regarding the portal can be sent to

Sakari Anttonen:

  • Started at Ficolo in early 2015
  •  Responsible for maintenance and development of monitoring systems
  • Graduated from Satakunta Univesity of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of      Engineering,
  • Started studies of Master of Science in Engineering