Data center in Finland – customers in Washington DC. Hosting servers in Finland with Ficolo while customers are in Washington has been a valuable solution for Split Technology, states Anssi Karhinen, Head of Deployment. In these days as most internet based services are international, handling of different locales and time zones has to be solved anyway, it doesn’t really make any difference if the servers are running in Finland and Finnish time zone and the service in a different country and different time zone.
Ficolo provides Split Technology with data center services, server platform with maintenance and data security services. “After more than four years as a customer we are glad to give Ficolo the highest mark in dedication of solving customer’s problems and always delivering on the promise. “ explains Karhinen.

Smarter shared rides from Ulvila to Washington DC

When it comes to international services, Split Technology is the right example. The US based company specializing in real-time, on-demand shared rides has it R&D in Finland while business development and operations run in the US. Split operates a consumer service in Washington DC that allows the customers to order rides inside the predefined service area.
The Split system optimizes the allocation of rides to vehicles so that people travelling in the same directions will share the car maximizing efficient use of the vehicle fleet. Customers use an iOS or Android application to order and pay the trips. The drivers use a mobile application to navigate to pickup and dropoff the passengers. All of the applications talk to the servers that are hosted in Ficolo datacenter.
The algorithms used for the optimization require a stable and predictable platform of high performance computing resources that can be scaled up as the company grows. The business is today already serving tens of thousands of customers with a vehicle fleet well in three figures.

Smooth ride from production perspective

Karhinen describes that they have been in production operation in Washington for more than 15 months. During that time they have had only a single incident that was traced to international connectivity between US and Finland, that affected also any other internet services that had cross-atlantic communication.
Further to production and cross -atlantic communication he explains that latency has negligible and the usage of mobile applications as clients offers many possibilities to mask any latencies in the User Interface experience caused by server processing or communication roundtrips.


Roots in Finland

The service has its roots in Finland in the form of company Ajelo Ltd which is now part of Split Technology. The service also run in Finland as a trial as part of Helsingin Seudun Liikenne services known as Kutsuplus. It was more than four years ago when cooperation with Ficolo started. Karhinen is pleased with Ficolo’s services and solving customer’s problems and describes the additional value received from Ficolo’s services:

“With Ficolo’s offering we have a direct visibility to the lower layers of the platform if we need it and support for tuning the performance. We find this is not the case with many of the international players in the field. “