In line with Ficolo’s mission to be the premium provider for other service providers delivering cloud and SaaS services to customers, it is important to ensure staying ahead of the competition. In order to do that, Ficolo has chosen Creanord cloud connectivity monitoring and reporting solution to enhance control over critical infrastructure and enable innovation at the edge.

Customers can receive from Ficolo all the necessary building blocks for their own cloud service. The market for cloud services is growing fast, it is crucial to keep constantly innovating, not only by trimming the cloud production engine and improving the delivery of new cloud services, but also by evolving new services to meet our customer requirements. An exciting area for innovation is new services at the Cloud Edge. This includes for instance critical infrastructure outside the data center and at the edge of the network.

Connectivity is vital to any cloud or colocation service, enhanced management in this area means an opportunity to improve overall quality. Visibility into all segments of the cloud provides understanding of how well overall service is functioning. Showing for instance access performance lets the customer immediately see how the operator-provided part of the service is performing. For our customers this increases transparency of the service. Additionally, it helps to mitigate risk as issues can be found proactively and problems can be resolved fast.

Creanord empowers end-to-end-cloud monitoring for Ficolo which helps us understand the end-to end customer experience. This can give valuable information on how to improve the service.


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