Ficolo Cloud Delivery services are building blocks for producing cloud services. Services ensure continuity of businesses. Availability of the services are often secured with different service components, most often with monitoring, maintenance and security services.

More and more businesses are based on databases. Thus, it is vital to reach the availability of services all the way to databases.  Licensing and keeping the databases secure require special knowledge often not found in-house.

Ficolo offers demanding database knowledge to its customers via its partner Advance IT Solutions. Advance IT is a company specialized in databases and database management. Ficolo and Advance IT have co-operated in all areas Advance has to offer, but primarily in monitoring and maintenance services.   All Advance IT Solution services are available from Ficolo, either as a service or as a comprehensive database project.


Database services for KSS Energia

A good example of the strong and long cooperation of Ficolo and Advance IT are the services delivered to KSS Energia.  Ficolo produces to KSS Energia wide-ranging services from the Cloud Delivery service portfolio, such as datacenter, connection and server platforms. Availability of services are reinforced with monitoring, maintenance and several cloud security services.

Advance IT delivers with their special knowledge the database installation, monitoring and maintenance services. Their tasks include for example the database optimisation, chassis management, security and patching.

Problems with databases at worst bring to a standstill entire functions in the company.  With databases the platforms do matter as there are a lot of different server specific optimization to be done. In addition, licensing guides the solutions in a certain direction. These require specific attention to detail and knowhow of Advance IT.

Orientation to customer needs, agility and transparency are the values highlighted and shared by the partners. The common goal of Ficolo and Advance is to ensure that the customer platforms are reliable and can meet the challenges of future.


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