Tietokeskus Finland data center in Raisio in the Turku region will be transferred to Ficolo starting Feb 1, 2020. In addition, Ficolo and Tietokeskus have signed a long term frame agreement to provide data center services from Ficolo’s Helsinki and Pori data centers. Tietokeskus will in future be served from Ficolo’s data centers, which include data centers in Helsinki and Pori. The transaction does not impact customers or personnel.

The transaction is part of Ficolo’s growth strategy and strengthens the company’s position in Finnish growth regions. Previously Ficolo has acquired data centers in Tampere and Helsinki. The Helsinki data center is currently being expanded to a modern Cloud Delivery Center opening in March 2020.

“With this deal we will have an even stronger market position. Ficolo is the biggest domestic player in the space and we intend to grow further in the future, both organically and through acquisitions”, says Ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen.

“We have previously worked with Ficolo’s skilled team and are impressed with their expertise. Safety and our partner’s high quality standards, such as a completed ISO 27001 certificate are important to us. It felt natural to deepen our relationship with Ficolo”, states Tietokeskus CEO Janne Lipiäinen.

There is consolidation happening in the data center space and Ficolo will be an active player also in future transactions. In addition to large data centers, numerous Edge data centers are needed. They ensure that information between the applications used by companies or consumers and the cloud services in the data center is transferred as fast as possible.

Ficolo’s strategic approach and success in M&A has also received global recognition. Ficolo is shortlisted for M&A of the Year at Data Economy Finvest. The winner will be announced at Finvest Global Summit in Zürich on Feb 13, 2020.

Further information:

Seppo Ihalainen, CEO, Ficolo Ltd, +358 44 774 4300, seppo.ihalainen@ficolo.com

Janne Lipiäinen, CEO, Tietokeskus Finland Ltd, +358 40 510 9 17, janne.lipiainen@tietokeskus.fi


Ficolo Ltd

Ficolo, founded in 2011, is a data center and cloud delivery company specializing in Cloud Delivery services. Ficolo has three data centers: The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori, and The Deck in Tampere. In addition, the company operates the Ficolo-IX Connectivity Hub in Helsinki. Ficolo also provides cloud and data center connectivity services, SDN-based cloud networking and a centralized multi-cloud management solution.

Ficolo helps its customers transform their business model into a cloud-based business model; the company offers all service components required to provide global cloud services, from colocation space to connectivity and state-of-the-art security services.



Tietokeskus Ltd

Founded in 1989, Tietokeskus is a Finnish expert organization, which provides its customers developing and secure service desk, data center and cloud services, as well as equipment and licenses on a monthly fee basis, flexibly without long term commitment. Our over 300 happy specialists are available to our customers across 10 cities. Tietokeskus turnover amounted to €118M in 2018.