Ficolo value proposition

Transform your business – to cloud business delivery model.
Ensure your service – with Cloud Delivery service products.


Ficolo was founded in 2011. Company founders acquired an underground network of tunnels that used to host a top security military warehouse. The facility  comprised of 9 separate tunnels was turned into Finland’s first colocation data center. In 2018, Ficolo acquired a second data center in Tampere and started a venture to develop a new data center in Helsinki. The Helsinki data center will be in operation in 2019.

With a strong portfolio, ranging from colocation to managed multi-cloud and connectivity, Ficolo provides the services needed to enable digitalizing businesses to succeed. The agility and appealing services combined with passionate customer support have been the main factors driving Ficolo to become one of the fastest growing companies in Finland.

Ficolo has a flexible operating model where the extent of collaboration is up to the customer. The cloud platform services and facility packages Ficolo offers, are highly competitive with a transparent pricing model. You always know how much you are paying for space, electricity and services, all the way up to controlling your multi-cloud environment.

Various Enterprise IT, SaaS- and Cloud Providers have chosen Ficolo as their (cloud) location and Ficolo servers millions of end-users.

Ficolo data center layout