Ficolo, a data centre company that offers colocation services, will deliver a SaaS service environment for software company Modultek’s new global cloud service, which is designed to be used for product information management.

Ficolo will provide the hardware space, connection services and data security services such as firewalls, DDos protection and strong authentication solutions for Modultek’s cloud service.

“Working with Ficolo allows us to flexibly choose what we want them to provide and what we want to do ourselves – so we can be more agile than before. Ficolo’s environment helps us provide high-quality, safe, cost effective cloud services. We trust their expertise and service capabilities,” says Janne Jansson, Modultek’s Business Director.

Modultek’s Product Information Cloud service is used to utilize, share and manage product information. The application allows, for example, a product’s manufacturing information to be published to partners and networks in a centralized and controlled way. This way, subcontractors always have access to documentation that is up to date.

Many of Modultek’s customers are machinery and equipment manufacturers. On average, their customers use 100,000 different product designations, while the largest ones use up to a million. When e.g. large 3D CAD documents are transferred to a cloud, the data centre’s service level must be up to the challenge.

“Excellent usability requires efficient and functional telecommunications connections. It is also important to ensure that the cloud services are available at all times and in all situations. Ficolo was able to provide extremely advanced technologies for data security and the prevention of denial of service attacks,” Jansson says.
Ficolo grows by providing a home for clouds

Ficolo has continued growing and becoming increasingly international. The company already has 70 customers in seven countries. The customers include IT companies, service providers and software companies.

Customer relationships with companies like Modultek are the foundation for Ficolo’s growth. To software companies that are transferring their operations into the cloud, Ficolo offers the Cloud Delivery concept. It includes all the components necessary for producing global cloud services, from hardware space and connections to top-notch data security solutions.

”As cloud services become more common, the demand for data centre services increases. According to research company Gartner, it’s becoming increasingly common for clouds to be based in a data centre run by a colocation service provider like us. Cloud and colocation services fit together very naturally,” says Ficolo’s CEO Seppo Ihalainen.

“Our customers have hundreds of end customer businesses and millions of end customers all around the globe. We can offer them functional cloud services that are safe and economically sensible. Our success is based on the high quality of our services that our customers value.”

Further information:
Seppo Ihalainen, CEO, Ficolo Oy, tel. +358 (0)44 774 4300
Janne Jansson, Business Director, Modultek Oy, tel. +358 (0)400 114 613