IPV6 reward

Together with IPv6 Forum, FICORA presents IPv6 World Leader award to Ficolo with three other Finnish companies. The award was given to companies involved in the worldwide deployment and promotion of IPv6 – criterion for the award is successfully achieving double-digit IPv6 penetration rate in internet traffic. Companies awarded together with Ficolo were Creanova Hosting Solutions, DNA and Elisa.

At Ficolo right from the start of the operations IPv6 was allocated for own and future customer use. Already in 2014 IPv6 services were in use in Ficolo’s backbone network and with some end customers.

Vesa Lahti, Technical Director at Ficolo, describes that IPv6 has been part of Ficolo’s standard procedures for a long time. As a guidance for the staff were stated that all equipment and services maintained by Ficolo were to have IPv6 and IPv4 was used only if necessary.

“The award by FICORA and IPv6 Forum is a great recognition that our work has paid off”, describes Vesa Lahti after the award ceremony.

For Ficolo’s customers the IPv6 reduces latency and improves user experience especially for end users. Our expertise in deploying IPv6 is available also in customer’s extended environment

Read FICORA’s press release 


Pictures: FICORA. Picture on top: Vesa Lahti on the right together with Klaus Nieminen from FICORA