Less than two months until the new data protection regulation:  Ficolo’s customer Elinar’s artificial intelligence software AI Miner is developed to identify unstructured data, for example to facilitate handling of GDPR-information.


Elinar participated in IBM Watson Build Challenge, a global artificial intelligence software developing competition with over 700 other companies from all over the world. As a result, Elinar’s AI Miner reached the final as one of the eight finalists, and the company was awarded the wildcard champion of the challenge. AI Miner is used to handle various data types, for example to solve the challenges presented by the management of GDPR information.

The miner has already created international demand. Many companies regard exactly the unstructured data as the biggest challenge presented by the new data regulation.

– AI based solution is taught to understand the data formats and materials – the one-software-fits-all approach doesn’t work in these instances. The software is learning on the fly, explains Jani Wahlman who is responsible for Elinar’s digital marketing and communications.

Elinar is offering the solution to companies that need it directly for themselves. The company is also searching for partners who could use the AI Miner to complement their service offerings.


Elinar’s Account Manager Tiina Ikala and Chief Technology Officer Ari Juntunen receiving the IBM Watson Build award in the final held in New York

Managing Personal Data Register


GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, takes effect on May 25th, so companies don’t have that much time to alter their data management practices to be regulation compliant. The regulation’s ultimate purpose is to unify the data protection inside EU countries and improve the rights and privacy of the users. The regulation concerns all the companies that gather personal data about their customers. Personal data is all the information that can be used to identify a person.

The regulation demands that companies know what personal data they are processing and where that data is stored. There is a lot of data and the amount is increasing all the time. In addition, data can exist in countless databases.

There aren’t really any solutions available that help to locate the information that is subject to the regulation – including unstructured data for example email and similar sources, tells Wahlman.

Elinar has operated as an analytics and enterprise content management company for over twenty years and specializes in gaining entry to unstructured data and its utilization- The company has also increasingly started to bring artificial intelligence to the content management field.

Ficolo provides Elinar with data center solutions – and has done that for a long time.

– Our cooperation has always been really smooth, says Wahlman.

Elinar is one of the first AI-solution providers in Ficolo’s data centers.

– AI solution can be offered to Ficolo’s new and existing customers. This is an excellent example of a win-win partnership, says Ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen.


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