In the coming years, data centers are going to be even a bigger part of our lives than they are now. More and more companies are going to look for connectivity and security as the demand for hosting digital assets increases. Helsinki has all the characteristics to evolve into a major European data center hub.


Helsinki has all the qualities of a European data center hub.


On April 26, Ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen held a keynote “Is Helsinki Europe’s Next Datacenter Hub?” at the Datacenter forum Helsinki 2018 event.  In the presentation, Seppo explained the qualities that make Helsinki and Finland the best place for data centers in the world.

Helsinki is the meeting point of connections from Russia, Germany, Sweden and Baltic states and the coming North-East passage cable will provide the fastest and lowest latency data connection yet between Europe and Asia. The cable would support the existing C-Lion cable from Finland to Central Europe.

To successfully operate a data center, the electricity supply must be assured. Finland has one of the world’s most reliable infrastructures. The transmission of electricity is one of the highest in the world. Even more, the electricity is cost effective and affordable with the usage of natural energy sources rising.

Some changes would still improve the city’s position as a data center hub. Planning the city structure to accommodate data centers closer to the city centers would enable utilization of recovered heat. Locating data centers closer to the users is also part of the current progression to more complex data center ecosystem. The industry is moving away from massive, remote data centers to smaller local data centers that are closer to where the data is consumed.

Currently Helsinki’s datacenter capacity is on the level of 60 MW. The capacity should be increased to the level of 200 MW for the city to be in the similar capacity as the current hubs London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris. The level could be reached around 2020 and Ficolo’s planned Helsinki DC is the first step in reaching that goal.

Ficolo is a global forerunner in the datacenter and cloud technologies. As the datacenter and cloud increases in complexity, tools that tackle it are needed. Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud Control is a management tool that takes care of capacity, data, connectivity and security of cloud environments. Ficolo offers its customers building blocks for cloud services, transforming businesses into cloud businesses.