Ficolo Data Center was audited during summer 2016. As a result Ficolo received ISAE3000 Assurance Standard. The controls were based on ISO 27001:2013 Appendix 11 and VAHTI 2/2013 requirements.

The Audit evaluated the design, comprehensiveness and suitability of the Control Environment approved and implemented by the Management of Ficolo. The physical information security controls were audited against the following ISO 27001 criteria: secure areas, equipment and media handling

VAHTI 2/2013 Instructions for Premises Security controlled criteria in the audit were area security, physical structures, premises space management, management of control systems and IT equipment premises.

No major discrepancies were found compared to the defined controls.

Further information on the audit:

Seppo Ihalainen

Managing Director, co-founder

tel. +358 44 77 44 300

Vesa Lahti

CTO, co-founder

tel. +358 44 77 44 303