One of the fastest-growing companies in Finland, Ficolo, delivers scalable colocation and cloud platform services leveraging Brocade® data center networking solutions and the Brocade Network Subscription acquisition model.

Brocade announced in its press release (January 23rd, 2017) and Customer Success Story on Ficolo that Ficolo required network infrastructure that could support the various services it offers to customers. In addition to the technical features, a critical issue was to find for a low-risk option to finance the new infrastructure so the services could have competitive pricing.

Ficolo built its core network using Brocade VDX® switches featuring Brocade VCS® fabric technology. For our customers the network solutions play a crucial role as the Brocade-powered network provides the building blocks for our customers’ own cloud offerings.

Brocade Network subscription model removes unnecessary bureaucracy and financial concerns, as an additional benefit it even offers support for the equipment. The Network subscription model solved financing of network equipment simultaneously enabling it to scale the network up or down, based on needs.

Partnering with Brocade allows more comprehensive and appealing offering for customers and introducing new services with very little risk. We are able to deliver services to our customers even faster while helping our customers accelerate their time-to-market.


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