VMworld trophy

We are thrilled to share the news that Morpheus Data has won the VMworld 2018 Agile Operations and Automation award – one of the most prestigious awards in the industry! Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud Control tool is based on this solution and we are we are proud to enable the state-of-the art in cloud management for our customers and partners.

Morpheus won the award for the solution that helps operations teams deploy and support apps, as well as monitor, track and manage workloads either in on-premises servers or in cloud environments, or that enable the migration of workloads across cloud platforms. The VMworld judges said that the product “offers a single pane of glass for the management and automation of a wide variety of cloud, virtual and physical environments.”

Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud Control management tool is based on the award-winning product and is available as a service. Multi-Cloud is smooth and seamless combination of private and public cloud management, under a single interface. It helps you dramatically simplify and cut the costs of the management your cloud resources – and it comes with our acclaimed customer service. Multi-Cloud is the tool to give you freedom to actually take care of your business, instead of managing cloud resources. If you are not yet using Multi-Cloud, get in touch to discuss how powerful, validated, market-leading cloud orchestration as a service could make your life easier!

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