Ficolo introduces a new and simple solution to managing public and private clouds. The Multi-Cloud Control solution significantly improves the usability and cost-effectivity of cloud services.


Managing cloud systems is a complex process that takes up time and resources. There are many administrative tools that have to be mastered, servers that have to be maintained, apps that have to be kept running and numerous other time-taking tasks. As a solution, Ficolo introduces new service to its Cloud Delivery concept, Multi-Cloud Control. The first public and private cloud managing platform in the Nordic Countries.

Multi-Cloud Control lets you take control of public, private, and hybrid clouds and provides a full management of the lifecycle of a server or application. The solution also allows flexibility in the use of IaaS and PaaS services, as well as DevOps methods. The intuitive user interface enables the provisioning of databases, apps, and app stack components on any server or cloud. The visibility and controlling of all computing environments provided by the one-click provisioning effectively decreases costs and security risks caused by shadow-IT. Leveraging container-based technology delivers 4 to 6 times more server density, saving you on infrastructure costs.

End-to-end monitoring, reporting and logging ensure that the ever-increasing amounts of security and compliance regulations are met – now and in the future. Responsibility assignments, standardization of policies and policy enforcement across clouds happens with ease through a single user interface.

You can focus on what’s important as automatic backups, logging and monitoring take care of infrastructure, setup, scaling, reliability and other things that prevent you from doing your job. The automation will let you know if your attention is needed.

Multi-Cloud Control combines the advantages of both the public and private cloud models. Ficolo provides individual customization, deployment support, automation design and implementation and other professional services to ensure the seamless integration of the solution. Comprehensive multi-cloud service that facilitates application lifecycle management and service monitoring, and reduces security risks while saving costs.