In September it was announced that financial house Taaleri and investment company Pontos purchased together 80% of Ficolo and at the same time launched the Ficolo data center project in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Why did our investor Pontos end up investing in Ficolo? The reasons are more closely examined in Pontos’ video about their investment linked below.

Pontos is a Finnish real estate and venture capital company operating in several industries in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal. Pontos works flexibly and actively participates in the operations of invested companies by offering their expertise to support the business. In the future, Pontos’ solid know how regarding to real estate expertise supports the data center project greatly.

Pontos wants to be a part of developing future-oriented industries and companies, such as Ficolo: “Ficolo suits our strategy brilliantly. As the world is digitizing, the amount of data is growing exponentially an hence the data centers as an industry”, tells Tom Järvi from Pontos.

“The acquisition of Ficolo is the start of a larger project where we build data center capacity in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Our aim is to be a significant data center for Finnish and international customers. We will facilitate modern server room space and competitive server capacity for service operators,” says Pontos CEO Timo Kokkila.

Pontos’ other signifigant investments include Valmet Automotive and the genetics company Blueprint Genetics. Among Pontos’ properties is Sokos Hotel Viru, well-known to all Finns, and most of the Viru Keskus connected to the hotel.

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