During January we surveyed the opinions of Ficolo’s services on our customers. Our customers’ satisfaction with our services has improved over two year, according to the customer satisfaction survey. The results of the customer satisfaction survey executed in the end of 2015 can be viewed here. 81 percent of Ficolo’s customers would recommend Ficolo to a friend or colleague.

Results summarized

The most important reasons to recommend Ficolo were flexibility, speed, efficiency and good customer service. The functionality and smoothness of Ficolo’s services were also mentioned in various terms. These warm greetings from our customers have been delivered to Ficolo’s staff working in the customer service.

Reasons to recommend Ficolo

We also asked how we can serve our customers better with support and service requests. The suggestions for improvement focused especially on communication channels and targeting of communication to the right person. The expertise and service attitude of Ficolo was commended in open feedback section. Our customers hoped us to maintain the good service attitude even in the company’s growth phase.

We have received the feedback and are currently examining it. Our customer communication has potential for development on the basis of the feedback. We will focus on improving this area in particular.