Ficolo service status page has been launched at
The following services can be checked at the page:



The page has been wished also from customers. We aim to serve our customers better especially during service disruptions. The page is a way to for us to help our customers to be more informed of the status of the services. Planned maintenance operations are also informed on the page.

If the page shows an interruption in some of the services, Ficolo support team is already aware of it and the problem is being fixed. As the service disruptions vary in size and complexity, we aim at informing directly to our customers the service status in addition to the information on the service status page.

Any breaks and interruptions are of course tried to minimize and kept as short as possible, whether it was question of planned maintenance operations or unplanned interruptions. Impact of those can be checked from the page. Interruptions in the service do not affect the functionality of the status page as it is operated outside of Ficolo data center, same as our own webpages.

Service status notifications

The service status page is part of our new procedure informing of maintenance and disruptions. In addition to the status page, our customers can choose whether they wish to receive the notifications by email or text message or both ways. With the text messages one can choose if the notifications are wished to receive 24/7 or only during business hours. For these changes we are collecting updating the contact information.

We aim at reacting fast when it comes to informing our customers during service interruptions. In the future we will pursue the same, and we wish to help this by offering the information in different channels.


check out the service status page