Cloud Assurance solutions complement Ficolo’s Cloud Delivery services by offering services for securing and assuring cloud services.

Cloud Security

Solutions to protect connections and services. Our state-of-the-art products include firewall and DDoS solutions. We offer IPS/IDS, SIEM and IAM solutions and log monitoring as additional services for Cloud Delivery. We protect server environments with antivirus solutions and run vulnerability scannings together with our partners.

Cloud Access Assurance

Control over network quality is vital because services are completely reliant on them. Ficolo offers proactive connectivity monitoring and reporting solution. The solution can be used for cloud production monitoring and cloud and enterprise access monitoring.


Monitoring & Maintenance

We provide monitoring services for your server, storage or networking hardware. Additionally, the operating system (OS) and custom application monitoring services are available.

The service provides real-time monitoring and alerting of customers’ devices or data center environment. Services include SNMP monitoring and alarm management. 3rd party or Microsoft system center tools can be provided as-a-service. The services are available whether your equipment is located in one of Ficolo’s data centers or in public cloud.


We offer solutions for backup and disaster recovery services. If needed, Ficolo can provide multi-zone or geographically dispersed data.

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