With Cloud Platform services we provide you with the platform of your choice for you to build your own cloud service.


By complementing the chosen platform solution with Ficolo’s Cloud Delivery services, you can ensure the high availability, security and cost efficiency of your cloud capacity services.

Multi-Cloud Control

VmWorld 2018 Agile Operations and Automation award won by Moprheus DataA new and easy way to manage several public and private clouds with only one solution. This Multi-Cloud solution significantly improves the usability and cost-effectiveness cloud services. Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud is based on Morpheus Data’s Morpheus solution, which won the VMworld 2018 Agile Operations and Automation award.

The Multi-Cloud solution combines the best of both the public and the private cloud. Comprehensive multi-cloud service from a single window with cost-effective wholesale pricing. The service can also reduce the costs and security risks related to shadow IT.

DevOps & Service Lifecycle

It is even easier to manage the lifecycle and monitor the services and application instances. Multi-Cloud service enables the flexible usage of IaaS and PaaS services as well as DevOps methods.

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Private Cloud

Dedicated and cost-efficient platform. Ensured performance on the most suitable virtualization platform.

Public Cloud

Safe and controlled public cloud services. We will help you to find the best solution for you. Cloud delivery services are also available for service packages in the public cloud.

Dedicated Server

Cloud Delivery services are available also for servers provided as service or owned by the customer. We also offer server hardware that will meet our customer’s requirements.

Storage & Backup

All Flash, multi-tier, 10/40G, FC storing capacity as service. Prices run per GB or TB /month. Available shared backup capacity from Ficolo’s isolated backup tunnel or customer dedicated solutions.


We offer the most important software licences with monthly fee. Available software licences are as follows:

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VmWare vCLoud Air Network

Managed hosting for customer hardware

We offer a wide variety of Cloud Delivery services for IT infrastructure located in our data center.

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Multi-Cloud Control

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Public Cloud

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Dedicated Servers

Managed hosting for customer’s hardware

Service Provider SW Licenses &CSP (monthly rental)



Disaster Recovery

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