September 2017, Finnish finance house Taaleri purchased together with investment group Pontos 80% ownership of Ficolo and in 2018 the companies start to develop a datacenter venture in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Taaleri is a financial group whose operations consist of wealth management, financial services and investing in and developing energy infrastructures. How does Ficolo fit in this business model?

Taaleri’s parent company, Taaleri Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main market, and it has over 3200 shareholders. Customers of the company include institutional investors, companies and private individuals. At the end of June 2017, the assets under Taaleri management were worth 5,3 billion euros and the company had 4300 wealth management customers. As one of their core business segments, Taaleri has the energy segment that focuses on investing and developing international energy infrastructure projects. Taaleri private equity funds offer Taaleri’s customers a chance to invest in environmentally friendly projects such as wind and solar energy projects. This way the customers can carry out practical climate work through their investments.

Energy is also a pivotal part of data center operations. A considerable amount of electricity is needed to keep data centers in operation and most of it is used to upkeep and cool servers. In Ficolo’s Ulvila data center the electricity has always been 100 percent renewable energy, produced in the wind farm of Meri-Pori area. Besides the wind generated electricity, Ficolo is able to utilize the natural coolness of the bedrock in which the data center is located in. The bedrock significantly lowers the need for cooling and supports environmentally friendly operation of the datacenter. The use of renewable energy was recognized by Greenpeace in 2012 in its survey of Finnish data centers. Ficolo customer portal enables Ficolo’s customers to track their own energy consumption in real time.

The waste heat generated by datacenters can be utilized by redistributing it to nearby areas through district heating network or other solutions. The reuse of the heat improves the energy efficiency considerably and supports sustainable development. About the planned data center, Taaleri CEO Juhani Elomaa says:” The data center to be built will be a part of the industrial internet, which is a requirement for the development of extensive infrastructures in the future. One example are the data communications structures required by the traffic network. The data center will also be a significant producer of heat, which will be utilized in energy production. Heat production aligns well with Taaleri’s renewable energy strategy.”



Greenpeace survey “How Green is My Internet” 2012