Ficolo has been active in the Finnish data center field since 2011. Ficolo was the first Finnish company to launch colocation data center services in the region and the first Cloud Delivery focused service provider in Finland. Finland has multiple other players in the data center space with various profiles: operators such as Elisa; managed IT Service providers like Tieto; hosters such as DataCenter and hosters of hosters like Equinix.

Ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen, evolving helsinki to tier 1 data center hub - at Finnish Data Center Forum


These providers are all connected by the Finnish Data Center Forum: an independent, nonprofit association dedicated to driving data center and cloud business. Read more about Finnish Data Center Forum here. FDCF organized their annual FDCF Cloud and Data Center Summit in Espoo last month. Seppo Ihalainen from Ficolo was one of the speakers at the summit, with a topic “From Colocation to Cloud Delivery”. Seppo addressed the current data center trends and what kind of challenges they bring to data center field, but also about evolving Helsinki to a European data center hub.

The data center trends in 2017 predicted the decline of the suppliers that do not embrace IoT and cloud technologies and operators, who base their model on traditional static advantages. In a few years, the cloud and service provider market growth will be driven by multiple long-term trends: cloud computing, Internet of things, mobility, video streaming and artificial intelligence. These trends have created a more complex data center ecosystem, in which more players are needed.

Future data center trends

Cloud delivery will evolve with cloud on-ramps, and as a result the potential market will expand significantly. And as cloud delivery expands, it requires management. Our Multi-Cloud Control provides secure and cost-efficient capacity, the platform solutions for cloud services, reliable and fast connectivity as well as secure and assured cloud services. These building blocks make Ficolo the strongest Cloud Delivery player in the region.

Finland has a lot of advantages when it comes to data centers. In Ficolo’s opinion, Finland is the best country in the world for data centers. The arguments for our statement can be found here. Currently, other European Tier 1 data center hubs have a capacity of 152 MW to 433 MW, as Helsinki has the capacity of 60 MW. By 2020, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris will grow to the capacity of 167-476 MW. Helsinki could and should grow the capacity by around 2020 to 200 MW, surpassing Paris and evolving to a Tier 1 data center hub.

The key points to do this are:

North-East Passage Data Cable:

Would provide the fastest and lowest latency data connection yet between Europe and Asia through Finland

Urban planning:

Data centers need to come to the city centers to enable utilizing the recovered heat best

Green Energy:

We need to continue to ensure the availability of green energy and recovery of waste heat

At the moment Ficolo has an 8500 m² 11MW underground data center in Pori with 5 MW built capacity. Currently, we are working on our Helsinki facilities, 10 000-15 000 m² data center with over 10 MW capacity, to be operational in 2020 latest. This new Helsinki DC will strengthen the demand for Cloud Delivery services in the region and it is the first major step towards making Helsinki a European Tier 1 data center hub.