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Secure, stable and cost-efficient data center space from our data centers.

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Cloud Connectivity

Reliable and fast connectivity solutions for delivering cloud services.

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Managed Cloud & Platform

Server or Cloud platform capacity for critical IT applications in a secure data center environment.

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Cloud Assurance & Security

Scalable first-class data center security solutions for securing and maintaining your cloud services.

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A globally growing company

Ficolo’s competitive advantages are embedded in our name. Location: a cost-effective, secure and optimal underground tunnel. Colocation: a flexible operating model where the extent of collaboration is up to the customer. Our staff and know-how lead to unparalleled customer service.

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One of the largest secure underground tunnel networks in the Nordic countries

  • 8,500 sq.m (93,000 sq.ft bedrock facility
  • Built for Finnish military
  • 500 sq.m (5,400 sq.ft) and 800 sq.m (8,600 sq.ft) tunnel halls


100 Gbit/s or more

Scalable carrier neutral connectivity with low latency.


  • IP Transit and Internet access
  • Cloud Access
  • IP MPLS (L3)
  • Wavelength  capacity services


Is there safer place?

Ideal location and atmosphere of data centers without a risk of natural disasters.

  • A safe and predictable political atmosphere
  • Transparent and service provider-friendly legislation
  • Affordable energy prices
  • Availability of green and renewable energy