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Secure, stable and cost-efficient data center space from Finnish bedrock data center.

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Cloud Connectivity

Reliable and fast connectivity solutions for delivering cloud services.

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Managed Cloud & Platform

Server or Cloud platform capacity for critical IT applications in a secure data center environment.

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Cloud Assurance & Security

Scalable first-class data center security solutions for securing and maintaining your cloud services.

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Time saving. Easy. Smart.


Service above clouds

What is ColoOps?

Time saving

Our dedicated support services will ensure that all your services run smoothly. We ensure your critical business hours’ operations as installations and other support work can be carried out in the evenings, at nights or even on weekends.


As our customer you, can choose the services that best address your needs. Our services enable you to easily and efficiently scale to meet growing business demands.


Ficolo is a smart choice: Finland is a superior location for keeping your crucial data safe in our experienced personnel’s care.

A globally growing company

Ficolo’s competitive advantages are embedded in our name. Location: a cost-effective, secure and optimal underground tunnel. Colocation: a flexible operating model where the extent of collaboration is up to the customer. Our staff and know-how lead to unparalleled customer service.

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One of the largest secure underground tunnel networks in the Nordic countries

  • 8,500 sq.m (93,000 sq.ft bedrock facility
  • Built for Finnish military
  • 500 sq.m (5,400 sq.ft) and 800 sq.m (8,600 sq.ft) tunnel halls


100 Gbit/s or more

Scalable carrier neutral connectivity with low latency.


  • IP Transit and Internet access
  • Cloud Access
  • IP MPLS (L3)
  • Wavelength  capacity services


Is there safer place?

Ideal location and atmosphere of data centers without a risk of natural disasters.

  • A safe and predictable political atmosphere
  • Transparent and service provider-friendly legislation
  • Affordable energy prices
  • Availability of green and renewable energy